The fine balance!!

Often do we miss the line. The line which separates our personal and professional lives. And that’s a fine line, mind you, and its easy to cross the line, when we shouldn’t be doing it.

We bring too much of our professional life into our personal lives that we often forget who we are as a person, and we forget to spend enough time for ourselves. This is a common trend in modern day corporate world, which is full of cut-throat competition. We keep running for a goal and keep extending the goal, and on the way, we miss ourselves somewhere. We are lost somewhere. It takes time to realize that we are lost, and it takes even more time to come back. In this process, we lose a major part of ourselves, our time and our life.

Its difficult to maintain the fine balance, but it isn’t impossible. We see highly successful people nonchalantly do it, and then we see some of the very same people, fail miserably at it. Just that we need to refocus on what we are doing, and why we are doing it. Not very rarely that we forget the whole purpose of whatever we do. And when the reality hits us, it hits us hard. Whatever we do, starts feeling pointless. That’s when we start feeling depressed and that’s ideally when you discover the true friends you have.

Worse situation is having a friend in your own team. Any argument as professionals would invariably leave an impact on your friendship. The moment we understand that these are separate, there is no issue. That’s another place where the fine balance needs to be achieved. Having been through such situations in the recent past, I can vouch for the fact that maintaining the balance isn’t impossible, but one needs to be very careful about it. I’m thankful for the fact that such people have been very understanding of me. It may not happen for everyone, but then, it isn’t very difficult to achieve the balance.

This might sound incomplete, incoherent and context-less, but yeah, as I said, let us strive to achieve the fine balance in our lives. If we do that, no one or no situation can affect us negatively on our way to success. Cheers!!



Kohli’s Invincibles?

Ever since the absence of DRS gave a lucky opening for Sri Lanka and Rangana Herath burst through it to deliver a sensational win for his team at Galle in 2015, India have lost only one test match in over two years. South Africa came here and not only lost 0-3, but also their captain who resigned after losing two more games. Since then, the SA Leadership has changed several hands. West Indies hosted them, avoided a clean sweep, thanks only to a Roston Chase Special and an awful drainage system. NZ came here, lost in each type of track possible, flat, greentop and a turner. England came visiting, managed all of one draw in five games. Lyon and O’Keefe turned the ball just enough, Jadeja and Ashwin turned it too much, India were crushed at Pune, but then, a turner, a flat deck and a sporting track later, India had won yet another series. Before this, another 600+ score aided demolition of Bangladesh had also happened. Travelled to Sri Lanka, and registered a clean sweep in 11 days of cricket. Kohli-led India look invincible in test cricket. We all are sure that this record will eventually become much less astonishing, once they travel overseas. But can we be so sure?

The criticism has always been, India win at home, but not away. But in this sequence, they did play three away series and won them all, even though they were against SL and WI. Teams play the conditions they get, and too much criticism of home advantage is unwarranted. Presented here is a closer look on whether home conditions really played a big role.

They did play a big role in the SA series. But then, Indian batsmen too struggled to score runs. Rahane was the only man to score a century in the entire series. India too were bowled out for scores in the neighbourhood of 200s. Yet they managed to clinch slender but significant leads and shut the Proteas out. Jadeja’s contributions down the order often proved to be the difference between a lead and a deficit. SA too did have very good spinners in Tahir, Harmer etc, but clearly the Spin Twins outdid them. Here is the case of playing the conditions better. Its not that India rolled over SA just like that and SA did not have the personnel. Agreed that, SA were inexperienced in these conditions, but they did have talented and world-class batsmen and bowlers who could tackle the tracks on offer. After all, they were the World No.1 Side then. India did better, because of experience, and better tactics.

West Indies tour happened seven months later. To begin with, the visitors demolished the WI and went up 1-0. India held the upper hand for most of the second test before they bumped into a spirited resistance from Roston Chase on the final day. Visibly stunned, India went into a hole at 126-5, before Saha and Ashwin digged India out of it with each making a century, then the bowlers sealed the match and the series for India.  Fourth test was washed out. However weak WI were, they played in familiar conditions. It did suit the Indian bowlers, but as a home team, WI should have made the better use. They did, holding the upper hand briefly, before letting India’s depth overwhelm them.

Kiwis travelled to India next. They had just spun India out in a World T20 league match just months earlier. They were touted to be the most unpredictable side of them all in the home season. India did not stick to turners, knowing NZ had quality spinners in Santner, Sodhi and Patel. They laid out a sporting track, more suitable to batsmen and outbatted NZ. Knowing the talents of Southee and Boult, they doled out a green top next, where Indian seamers outbowled their more illustrious counterparts to seal the series. Then on a turner, boosted by one of the ugliest 188 you will ever see by Rahane, and a Kohli double, they sealed the whitewash. Again all types of tracks were given, and India finished the perfect set. I can’t find a reason why India’s pace quartet (only three will play in the XI though) can’t replicate their Kolkata Performace in Wellington or Christchurch.

England came calling next. They had defeated India in their 2012 tour to these shores. They were the toughest of them all really. On a Rajkot road, England made 537, India replied with 488 and the match meandered to a dull draw, even though India briefly threatened to collapse on the final day. A perfect test pitch at Vishakapatnam, England’s first innings collapse gave India huge lead, and the visitors were one down. Seven Down India were still almost 90 behind at Mohali, but Ashwin, Jadeja and Jayant Yadav put India in command with their bat and then it was only a formality. At a rank turner in Mumbai, England made 400 and had India at 364-7, but Kohli and Jayant took India to 631 and India won by an innings. Pretty much the same repeated on a road at Chennai. England 477, India 759-7 (Karun Nair 303*). Jadeja took seven on a fifth day pitch which didnt turn to deliver another innings win for India. 4-0 was the margin, But England made three scores on 400+ in the series. It was a set pattern for India, bat them out in the first innings and then seize the moments in the second to seal the win.

Pune was disaster for India. Sundar Pune, as O’Keefe would call it, dished out a horrendous turner, and the visitors made the better use of it as India lost by 333 runs. Another minefield, another sensational spell by an Aus Spinner (Lyon 8-50), But India came back thanks to Rahul, Pujara and Rahane, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Another 600+ score on a road at Ranchi, The series moved to a decider. Just then, Kuldeep Yadav on debut, derailed a dominant Australian Start to hand India an early initiative which India never let slip.

From the summary of the home season and the WI series, it is amply clear that India won because they played the conditions better. They found themsleves down quite a few times, but they managed to recover every time. They were helped by the home conditions for sure, but the opponents too had equally talented players who could have beaten India in their own game, like at Pune. But barring that aberration, India managed to come back every time they were down and sealed the deal ruthelessly almost everytime they were ahead. It is this fire to win and keep winning, which puts Kohli’s Team India a class apart from the previous sides. It is this ability to ruthless shut the doors on the opposition once ahead, which I feel, will help them immensely in challenging overseas assignments. They have got the fire of the once-mighty Australians. Possessing a well rounded pace attack with players for all conditions, a hugely talented spin attack which also serves as a very solid lower order, the world class batting which has made 45 runs per wicket in tests since 2016 (next best 32), arguably the best wicketkeeper of the world in Saha, a large pool of equally capable backup players, India will definitely be the best ever Indian side to visit SA, England, Australia and NZ from 2017 to 2019. I don’t rule out the possibility of series wins for India in this stretch. India will not just compete, but start winning matches in these conditions. Whether India can sustain this form and win a few series, remains to be seen. The question in the title of the blog will be answered very soon, but India do have the talent to earn the right to be called “Kohli’s Invincibles”. Will they?

Reactions(4): Grow up, Cricket Fans!!

Hasn’t lost a single test series as captain yet. Yet he is a bad captain. Hasn’t lost a single limited overs series as captain yet. Yet he is a bad captain. Leads his team in a major tournament for the first time. Loses in the final, read once more, the final. Yet he is a bad captain.

Harsh judgements were hurled at Dhoni, and now are being hurled at Kohli. For those who judged Dhoni and judge Kohli now, have you ever felt the pressure of one billion people having expectations on you?

India’s CT Campaign was not a perfect campaign, they lost to SL, then they lost to Pakistan in the final. But apart from these two defeats, they played three perfect ODI Matches. The campaign was not perfect, but definitely a good one, for not all teams can reach the final. They did it, they lost it. You burn the posters of players then. Immaturity at its best, and such things can happen only in India.

A runners-up finish is by no means bad captaincy, for a captain, for whom this is the first major event. I get infuriated when I saw statuses blaming Kohli’s arrogance for yesterday’s defeated. All these “Sudden Cricket Experts” bashed at Kohli, India should have batted first.  Now, what is the guarantee that India would have won, if they had batted first? And Kohli just wanted to do, what his team are good at doing—to chase. Just that it didn’t come off yesterday. Where’s the arrogance in wanting to do what you’re good at?

For those who burning the posters of Kohli and the other players, can you even face a single delivery from an international bowler? Security being enhanced for players houses following a defeat in the final of a global tournament, happens only in India. God knows when are these immature fans gonna grow up!!

Agreed that the rivalry with Pakistan is so intense. But that doesn’t mean you forget that this is a sport and victory and defeat are normal. Such reactions to a defeat, however unexpected it was, are nothing but ridiculous. First up, Pakistan had played wonderful cricket after their initial loss to India. Lets applaud them.

To the cricket fans in India, Grow Up. Its just a game. One defeat doesn’t make a captain bad. Grow up and Be More Mature.

Yes, This is Indian DeMockCrazy!!

Chants grew, “Long Live Chinnamma”,
And then, there was this Mixture Mama;
Who suddenly Meditated at the Marina,
And hence, stunned the political arena!!

Strong and Stunning, were the revelations,
Accused the lady of strong temptation,
To climb the throne, she didn’t deserve,
And he claimed, he had a legacy to preserve!

Plunging the state into deep turmoil,
The lady and her men, had their anger boil!!
And so as to counter the perpetrators,
There were long meetings of legislators!!

And then herded like sheep, into a resort,
Not new though, politics of this sort!!
Partying together, as if on a date,
Thorougly mocking, people’s mandate!!

And so they called him, a traitor,
The party’s problems grew greater!!
Claims and counter-claims, all around,
Desperately, she wanted herself crowned!!

Few days later, came a verdict,
And the lady, was now a convict!!
And the throne wasn’t hers, anymore,
Yet there was more drama in store!!

Promoted a loyalist, in her place,
Another meet and that at a frenetic pace,
For she was asked to surrender,
Because she was a serial offender!!

The support didn’t grow enough,
He was always going to find it tough,
And a sacred halo, did descend,
Yet, his battle met a sad end!!

Within a day, a proxy was sworn,
People could do, nothing but mourn!!
It is not all that good and rosy,
Yes, This is Indian DeMockCrazy!!

The Tamil Nadu Uprising–Jallikattu and Beyond!!

Seeds of change were sown when the El Nino 2015 wreaked havoc in November and December that year, in Chennai and surroundings. What followed the unprecedented floods was another unprecedented event–The use of social media to mobilise the volunteers in relief and rescue operations in ravaged areas. Then came the phrase, “Youth are not useless, but used less“, as a slap in the face of those “responsible conservatists” of the older generations. The attitude of these people on today’s youth was forced to change. Social media, hitherto seen as a waste of time, was now a potent tool. The 2016 Assembly Elections did not reflect the social media sentiments though, as the people voted the Dravidian Parties into power, and that too stronger than ever before. An iconic CM died soon after, and the state politics started showing signs of Chaos.

The Tamil Identity, was now embracing the youth. The pervasion of identity sentiments actually had begun during the Floods, as the so-called National Media did not initially cover the disaster. They were slammed on Social Media, which then forced them to act. The step-brother attitude of the North to the South, and especially TN, was now being actively noticed. Unlike previous generations, which only lamented, the Gen-Next was now retaliating. When Hundreds of youngsters shouted at Besant Nagar Beach, “We want jallikattu” instead of “Happy New Year” at 12 am, Jan 1,2017, Social Media took notice.

What followed Pongal, was nothing short of a revolution. Lakhs and lakhs of Youngsters protested the ban on the traditional sport, and the ban now was being perceived as a threat to identity. These identity sentiments, drew families, old men and children alike, to support the protesting youth. The Governments were forced to act, and the ban was lifted. This revolution and the social media’s role, had now inflicted belief.

A couple of weeks later, #NotMyCM and #TNSaysNoToSasikala started trending on Social Media. The so-called Chinnamma was convicted, and the rebelling former CM O Panneerselvam, whose Marina Meditation had whipped up a crisis, which provided blockbuster entertainment, instantly had become a hero.  But one thing was clear, the people of TN, especially the young generation, weren’t going to sit back and lament at the deeds of politicians. The Social Media slammed Sasikala and her faction severely, and even though the glorification of OPS was needless, as his credentials are also not so clean as perceived to be, his rebellion had sparked new hope for the people that there are people who would rebel against those who try to occupy power against the people’s wish.

TN has been a prime example of Populist Politics, as witnessed in the freebies doled out to people by successive governments. But an overlooked fact is that, TN has been a very progressive state, second most industrialised behind Maharashtra, and a state with very good indicators for development, health and literacy. The TN Model, in some ways has trumped the Gujarat Model, it has blended populism with development. TN has produced legends like AR Rahman, Rajinikanth, Ilayaraja, Vishwanathan Anand and R Ashwin.

The new found vigour in TN’s youth and their more pro-active involvement in politics and discussing politics has sparked a new lease of hope. Social Media has now become a potent tool. And the masters of social media usage, the Youth have definitely sown the seeds for change. There is corruption in politics, but also there is the spirited and fearless challenge from civil society. Pride in own identity and tradition, increased awareness, social responsibility and the courage to question the establishment, The Tamil Nadu Uprising, has truly begun. It’s not just Jallikattu, The TN Youth will question everything which is not good for the state. Panneerselvam and Palaniswamy may come and go, Stalin and Vijayakanth may come and go, but the time has come for Tamil Nadu.

A Journey to Goa-Part 2 (The lead-up to Trip #1)

We sent the abstract and opened the website. And the unthinkable had happened.

The deadline for abstract submission had been extended by nine days. Had we known this, we could have prepared a better abstract. But nothing could be done now. Meanwhile, the other team (Azhaku, Vikram and Ragesh) re-entered the plans. Making use of the nine-day extension, they also submitted their abstract. Days quickly passed by, and on 16th January 2015, We woke up to the good news that both the teams had been selected for the event. Our joy knew no bounds, and we booked the tickets the same day.

But, in what was soon turning out to be a farce, the deadline for abstract submission had now been further extended by five days, this time to 20th Jan. Presumably because, they got very poor response to the event.

More of our friends had now been persuaded by our plans, and were now showing interest in sending their abstracts too. One such team comprising of Yaaseen, Prashanth (RP, in short) and Karthick (MK, in short) sent their abstracts and got their selection mail soon after.

More drama lay ahead, as another team (Venky, Arjun and Selva) opted for the poster presentation event and got their selection mail exactly one day before our proposed departure. Miraculously though, the hostellers managed to get permission to attend the event within one day.

Feb 4, 2015. We started our journey in the evening, and stayed for the night at a friend’s (Bharath) home, in Trichy, as we had the train to Mangalore from there, early next morning. A fun filled night, with lots of chatter, in which very few of us actually slept  was over in no time, and we arrived at the Trichy Junction at around 4.30.

The train arrived at 5 am, and our journey had begun. An epic journey, which none of us would be able to ever forget, a journey full of fun, a successful journey for my team and a journey, which would be fondly remembered for several years to come!!!

Reactions(3): Union Budget 2017-18

Hello guys…This is my first attempt at something which is not sports. So don’t expect me to be spot on with my comments.

Amid much fanfare, The first unified Union and Railway Budget 2017-18 has been presented by Honourable FM Arun Jaitley today (Feb 1, 2017). Before I make my own comments, Let me quote some instant reactions from political parties.

Rahul Gandhi comes out and says, “That was a good speech with lots of poetry, but there is nothing concrete. PM talked about bullet trains, but where are they? Safety is a major problem in Indian Railways, but nothing has been done”

Pawan Verma (JDU) says “There are good measures, but more credit for farmers is not the exact thing they need, because per capita debt is already 47000 for farmers. Measures for agriculture sector haven’t been up to what is needed”

One leader from left parties say, “This government has been a non performing government. A whopping 33 out of the 51 ministries did not meet the budget estimate for the past year. So allocating more funds for schemes like MNREGA is useless, as long as the government is non performing”

From these reactions, though one thing becomes clear. Rahul Gandhi dozed off during the budget. He doesn’t seem to know that One lakh crores have been allocated as Rail Safety Fund over next five years. Isn’t it also unfair to be asking for a bullet train, when you yourself say Rail safety is the biggest problem? Pawan Verma has taken a more measured view, hailing some schemes, while also questioning the allotment of more credit for farmers. I am of the opinion that, when government have talked about their vision to double the income for farmers by 2022, allotment of more credit makes sense. Left leaders have never commented on anything in a sensible manner, especially when it comes to the BJP. It becomes obvious sometimes that they always comment against the BJP.

According to me, this budget is a visionary one, a good one considering the present situations, but not something as historic as the 1991 Manmohan Singh Budget. No game changing schemes have been announced, the budget itself seems to be a game changing one for Indian Economy’s future, atleast as per analysts who I have heard. The main aspects which caught my attention are Service Tax Abolition for IRCTC Bookings (Significant for frequent travellers like me), Cleanup of political funding (A Huge Measure, arguably the biggest announcement of today’s budget), Income Tax Rate Slashing and the Rebate of Rs 12500 (Looks good, but not quite upto the expectations) and the significant technology upgradation schemes like Aadhaar based PoS machines, high speed internet to more villages etc.

Financial and Corporate Experts seem to be happy with the budget and hail it as a growth oriented one. I don’t know much economics, but if I were to believe them, this seems to be a very good budget. So here is the concluding statement of my reaction:

“A very good growth oriented budget, with fair share of allotments to crucial schemes and sectors like MNREGA and Railways, a landmark decision on Political Funding Cleanup and some pro-poor announcements. Not quite a historic one, but surely a transformational budget for the development of the nation!!”


Reactions(2): Have India found a death bowler, finally?

As I was casually scrolling through my facebook feed, I came across a funny meme, which read “Chinnamma vin arivurai galai kettu bandhu veesinen, bumrah perumitham” (which translates to “I followed Chinnamma’s advice and bowled, Bumrah feels proud”), essentially mocking TN Politicians’ constant glorification of the AIADMK General Secretary VK Sasikala as “Chinnamma”.  On a serious note, I started thinking, Have India really found a good death bowler, who can bowl according to the situation and win India matches? Whether Chinnamma advised him or not, Jasprit Bumrah displayed tremendous skill and calm compsoure to pull off an incredible win at Nagpur.

Bumrah’s rise in Indian Cricket, especially in the T20 side, has been meteoric. Over 2016, he has developed into a reliable death overs specialist for India. However, he experienced his first slump in form in his young international career in the ODI series against England. But he has bounced back well quickly and played a stellar role in the heist, India managed to pull off and level the series. His World Ranking of No.2 in T20Is says a story of how consistent he was in 2016. Death bowling has always been a thorn in the flesh for the Indian Cricket Team in the past. They had good bowlers like Zaheer Khan, but never that sort of the bowler who could be called as a death overs specialist. Someone, who bowls better with the old ball than with the new one. Someone like Malinga.

While it may be too early to compare Bumrah with Malinga, there are glaring similarities between them like the unorthodox action and ability to bowl yorkers at will, which cannot be neglected. But on the basis of past performances and the encouragement Kohli gives to his seamers, I can safely say that Bumrah will keep improving and him becoming India’s death overs specialist, of Malinga’s calibre, is almost certain, as long as he doesn’t get unnecessarily distracted. On a lighter note, I conclude with the hope that “Chinnamma” will keep advising Bumrah, and Team India will continue to get benefited by her timely advice.

Reactions(1): Dhoni Resigns!!

He chose to stay on the sidelines when his team won. He faced the media and tough questions when his team lost. He was praised for his team’s success and He was blamed for his team’s failures. For haters, he was overrated. For fans, He was the one and only reason to watch their team play. He was the most successful, yet he was also the biggest failure. He was hailed as brave, yet he was criticised for being overly defensive. His career was as much hated as it was loved. He was as much criticised as he was loved. He had as many haters as he had hardcore fans. His career was a lesson for life. As much happy moments we enjoy, life gives us a fair share of sorrow. His test retirement was demanded, yet when it came, no one saw it coming. His Resignation as Limited Overs Captain, was even more surprising. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Team India’s most successful captain yet in Indian Cricket History, has resigned his ODI and T20 Captaincy Today and that has caught all of cricket fans by shock.

Fans and Haters alike, have started paying tributes. The end has been sudden, No planned farewells, No Press Conferences, and yet it has come. In a country like India where populism trumps common sense, The resignation has been uncharacteristically sudden and low key. The good news though is, he will continue playing as a wicketkeeper batsman. Maybe for long enough to groom a successor. After Kohli’s breakthrough year as test captain and batsman, it was logical to be wanting him take over the limited overs mantle as well. Yet no one saw this coming. A Natural Question arises…Did Dhoni step down on his own or was he asked to do so, ahead of the upcoming series? However, I am strongly of the opinion that he must have led India’s title defence at the Champions Trophy in June and then resigned. Nevertheless, his decision to step down must be respected.

It is now time to celebrate a career. Let us enjoy the twilight of his international career, as he plays as a batsman, without the added pressure of captaincy. Let us give him the opportunity to relax and play. Let us hope to watch Dhoni of the Old. The Explosive Dhoni. Aggressive without being arrogant, Incredibly Cool in Pressure Situations, He has been the perfect person to have led India into the ascendancy. Now its time for a personality like Kohli to impart the never say die attitude and the quest for winning consistently and competing abroad. Dhoni has done commendable job in investing in champions like Ashwin. The players he backed, are doing wonders for India today. Rather than feeling sad, we should all celebrate his career, and that would be the best farewell for him. A Royal Salute to what he has done for Indian Cricket, and let us all applaud an outstanding captaincy career in Limited Overs Cricket.


A Journey to Goa-Part One

DECEMBER 31st 2014. Eve of a new year. Quite gloomy evening (I mean the climate). Didn’t know what I was going to do will have a big impact in my near future.

A little flashback—“Why don’t you read Education Plus? It carries a lot of useful information.”  says Dad. I was like “Padikren Padikren (I’ll read, I’ll read)”. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. This happened several times.

Back to the day. I dig up old newspapers on that boring evening. Get the one of Dec 29th(it was a Monday). I search for Education Plus. I read it. Why suddenly?? What happened?? I didn’t know the seeds for the most memorable script was being sown, out of intuition.

Looks like a mega serial?? Each paragraph showing different scenes?? This will continue for a while.

I see something called “Quark 2015”. I see it is going to be held at Goa. (BITS-Pilani Goa Campus to be precise). “Goa”, the eyes lit up. Could be a long memorable trip. Go to the website, run through the events, decide paper presentation could be the best and most useful option. Three per team it is, Teammates?? Oh that’s pretty difficult to decide!! Decided one though, called him on New Year’s Day (so symbolic of a new beginning) at 8am, and my God he was still sleeping.

Got busy after that. Its evening, 24 hours since I first read about Quark. Called him again, told him we can together as a team. Who’ll be the third?? Let’s wait on that.  I’ve told about “him”, but not who he is. He is Aravind, My friend since my fifth semester, we call him mama (don’t know why).

Go to whatsapp. Message a set of friends about this. One of them says yes immediately. He is the third person. He is Sathish (no nick name yet, somebody keep one), who is also my friend since the fifth semester.

Next day, the first working day of the New Year. The news has spread. Many are talking about it. I and Aravind decide to go and meet a professor, requesting to give us ideas and guide us. He is Dr. James, who we people feared for his questions in Lab the previous semester, but would go on to become a close guide and mentor to us in the future. He says it is too late, but we will give it a try nevertheless. The deadline for abstract submission was on Jan 6th. We had four days, Just Four days. Too short a time to write an abstract for a research paper.

Amid all this, another team is being formed. One of my close friends, Azhaku leads the team. I know him since my second semester. He joins with Vikram and Ragesh (Vikram, I know him since second semester, Ragesh since sixth standard). They deliberate on topics, search for ideas and ultimately decide the time is too short and withdraw.

We meet James sir during break, He asks us to search for ideas. Aravind does the job, comes up with a list of topics. We discuss with him, not able to decide on one. One more day passes. It’s 2nd Jan, Still topic undecided. We go into each topic and come out of it. So we go to VV 316, sit near a window and decide to go for a lucky draw. We write various topics on BITS of paper (suits the place for which all this is meant), and pick one at random. “Wireless Power Transmission”, it reads. Decided finally.

Time runs quickly. We scrap through writing the abstract (Synopsis, they call it). June 6th, the Deadline. Meanwhile the routes for travel, the trains all researched and ready, even before the plan was confirmed (Aravind was pessimistic about getting selected, I was sure). Beyond 3 pm on that Tuesday. VV 214. We upload the file, sit towards east, and pray god and do all drama. Finally we send the abstract. And then open the event website. The unexpected had happened, and we were shocked.

More to follow…